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Manufactured Home Foundation Certifications

What is involved in a Manufactured Home Engineer Foundation Certification
I perform this inspection as a Sub contractor for Harrison Engineering LLC
I perform an on-site inspection of the foundation where the home is located. I observe features and components of the foundation as it pertains to the permanent foundation standards of HUD. I summit the inspection Report to Harrison Engineering LLC.

Harrison Engineering LLC reviews and verifys compliance as it pertains to the HUD guidelines.
If the foundation is in compliance to HUD standards, They issue the certification compliance letter.

If the foundation is non-compliant to HUD standards, They issue a non-compliant letter with recommendations on how to bring the foundation into HUD compliance. 

Pricing for a foundation certification starts as low as $425 in most areas. Prices vary based on several factors such as: the geographic location of the home site; travel time to the home site, and if you choose to pay at closing. 
 The Inspection takes less than 1 hour. Please contact me prior to ordering .
We can schedule a date and time for the inspection. I can also Schedule the inspection for you and expedite the process.

This Inspection cannot be scheduled with HomeGauge Services.

This Inspection can be scheduled at

Payments for this inspection are payable to Harrison Engineering LLC.

                                 Foundation Certifications Brochure