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HVAC/Mechanical Inspections

The key components that I inspect during the mechanical portion of each home inspection are the heating system, air conditioning system, ductwork, venting, fireplaces , flue and vent roof penetrations, plumbing system ,hot water heater, plumbing fixtures , electrical componants , service drops. exhaust fans,  electrical switches, outlets, and fixtures. GFCI circuits .and appliances.

I also report on the approximate age of the systems to determine and make you aware if they are near the end of there useful life spans.
I report on the type of heating system: Forced hot air, forced hot water,  radiant heat. 
I report on the electric amperage and type of distribution wiring.

Possible mechanical issues include waste plumbing lines that are not draining, low water pressure, active leaks below bathrooms from pipes or tub / showers, an old hot water heater that is leaking, loose / hanging live electric wires, old knob and tube wiring, a federal pacific main electric panel that can be a fire safety issue, heating or air conditioning system that is not functioning and has improper ductwork, fireplace  that has soot build up with a damper that is not functioning.

The price for this inspection is $199.00 +6.75% tax