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Questions and Answers

Q. What Information do I need to schedule a Home Inspection?

A. Besides you and your Agents contact info, you will need the property address, the square footage. If possible, the year built,one story or two, number of bed rooms, number of full baths, ½ baths, Are the utilities on? MLS # ?

Q. What does the seller need to do to prepare for the inspection?

A. To prepare the home for inspection please remove obstacles that block access to the following 1) Electric panels, 2) Heating and cooling equipment 3) Wall heaters 4) Under building crawl space access 5) Attic space access, including removing personal property which impede access though closet or garage. 6) Under sink areas 7) GFCI outlets
8) kitchen sinks 9) Dishwashers 10) water heaters
All space heating and water heating equipment should be operational (this means that standing pilot lights must be lit and that gas fired equipment supply valves must be open). All systems (water, gas, and electrical) should be on. If I find electrical circuit breakers in the off position, standing pilot lights unlit, gas valves, water stops, or main water supply valves shut off or other essential or major component controls disabled, I will assume that they are in such condition for a reason and the written report will state that they are inoperable.

I will not move or disturb personal items including furniture rugs, carpet, window coverings, (items on window sills, countertops or furniture). boxes, pictures or stored items. Please have window coverings open and window sills clear of items that may interfere with the inspection.

Please kennel, cage or remove animals that may become fearful or aggressive.

Q. Do I need to use HomeGauge to get my Inspection and or Report?

A. No, HomeGauge services allow for the convenience to be able to schedule, sign agreements and view your report on your PC or mobile device. Photos in the online reports can be zoomed in to see more detail. With the Create Request List (CRL) feature, you can create a list easily and attach it to your regular repair addendum form right from your inspection report. You can schedule by phone or Email. Agreements and Report are also sent PDF format.

Q. When do I get my Report?

A. Online Reports / PDF are sent out next day AM. If you request a printed report it will be mailed within 24 hours.

Q. How do I view and sign my agreements.

A. Agreements are sent Email PDF. You can sign online at HomeGauge. Or you can sign at the time of the Inspection. I do not enter any property without a signed agreement.

Q. Can I pay at Closing?

A. Yes, I charge a $25.00 convenience fee. I will defer payment up to 30 days with agreement. If you are scheduling online, it is in additional services.

Q. What time are appointments available?

A. I schedule 4 hours per Inspection. Most do not take the whole 4 hours.
Appointments available at 8:00 AM and 1:00 PM  . Weekend appointments available.         If you need to schedule outside
​ of  that time frame, Please call prior to scheduling online.

Q. I have another question?

A. Please call , I make every attempt to answer my phone 8 AM to 8 PM
Monday thru Friday . If you do not reach me, please leave voice mail.
I will respond ASAP.  Or send me an email.

 Q. What are InterNACHI Standards of Practice for a home inspection?


 Q. What is InterNACHI’S CODE OF ETHICS for Home Inspectors?

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