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​Annual/Pre-Lease Inspections

An Annual/ Pre-Lease Inspection performed by Maintenance Matters is designed to Inspect, Verify and photo document the condition of the rental property prior to lease, or at the time of lease renewal.
I inspect all resident-accessible living areas including porches, patios, stairs, walkways and driveways.
 I inspect All doors, operable windows, cabinets appliances, plumbing fixtures, bath fixtures, bath enclosures.  Electrical switches, outlets, and fixtures I verify the heating and /or AC is working I test the smoke detectors. and GFCI circuits  
 I photograph all accessible living areas.
The report will include  my recomendations for corrections and identify safety lssuse.

Annual Inspections provide you with knowlage of the property's condition and the
correction of maintenance issuses, like the small leak under the sink before you have to replace the vanity. This not only protects your assets . It means less late night call outs. Happy residents and better resident retention.

The price for this inspection is $125.00 +6.75% tax